Posted by Pearl on 12:37 PM, 10-Aug-14

Most People Think Working Out Tirelessly And Lifting All Sorts Of Gym Equipments, Is The Key To Losing Weight And Having Ridiculous Abs...YES And NO. For Me, The Ultimate Workout Is Dancing. I Have So Much Fun Dancing...I Could Do It For Hours Heart Pumping All Sweaty And I'd Still Enjoy It So Much. I'm Not Saying Dancing Will Give You Abs, I'm Just Saying Working Out Should Be Enjoyable And Not Stressful. I Occasionally Add Push-Ups, Lunges And I Also Skip Rope For At Least Fifteen Minutes. But, I Feel Great After Every Workout And I Have A Very Flat-Toned Tummy. I'm Not Even A Fan Of Ridic Abs That Makes A Woman Look Masculine Because She Lifts Heavy Equipmennts And Routine Boxing...Not Attractive. People Who Expect Fast Results Are More Likely To Fall Victim To Unatural Procedures To Lose The Weight Or Get Abs And Problems Would Emerge In The Long Run. Excercise Patience, Be Consistent In Your Workouts At Least Four Times A Week And Get On A Healthy Diet Plan. Before Long You'll See Astonishing Results...I Should Know... wink Work-Outs Should Be Nothing But Enjoyable And Fun, So,WERK IT OWT!!!

Oldie But Goodie...Throwback!!

Posted by Pearl on 01:22 PM, 09-Aug-14

So My Sister And I Used To Be So Obsessed With Katie Melua's "So Kiss Me" Enjoy The Lyrics...Such An Amazing Song!!! Kiss Me, Out Of The Bearded Barley Nightly, Beside The Green, Green, Grass Swing, Swing, Swing The Spinning Step You Wear Those Shoes And I Wear That Dress Oh, Kiss Me, Beneath The Milky Twilight Lead Me, Out On The Moonlight Floor Lift Up Your Open Hand And Strike Up The... [Read More]

Book Of The Day.

Posted by Pearl on 12:48 PM, 09-Aug-14

Joel Osteen's "Become A Better You" Is A Page Turner. There Are Seven Key Steps Listed To Improve Your Personality And Life, As Well As Spiritual Growth. I Have Listened To Joyce Meyer's Audio-book "Battlefield Of The Mind", But It Did Not Have An Instantaneous Impact On Me Like The Former. I've Started Practising These Seven Steps And Life Is... [Read More]

“Tourism and Community Development”

Posted by Pearl on 01:56 PM, 06-Aug-14

So, In One Of My Previous Post, I Talked About My Amazing Trip To One Of The Best Tourist Cities In Nigeria-Calabar. It Was One Of Those Experiences I Will Never Forget, Therefore, The Need To Talk About How Tourism And Community Development Not Only Enhances Economic Growth, But Also Leaves An Indelible Mark On The Traveller And Experiences For... [Read More]